I have a space now: skye.quest

I’m typing this on my silly little iPad, flopped over on my bed, as the sun is literally setting on the final day of 2023.

The year was, all things considered, a hecking shitshow. World events, personal stuff, mental health, work… everything was just… not great.

And as cheesy as my cynical brain wants to find the idea of new years as a new beginning… I’m just hoping (and working for) better things to come.

So this is my space now. A silly little website, hosted on a silly lil blog thingie, written on a tiny iPad by a silly little transfem. I plan on sharing personal thoughts and things here. Maybe I’ll abandon this place in a week, maybe it’ll become a well loved and nurtured cozy little space. I don’t know yet. Let’s see where this takes us. Welcome to the ride.

December 31, 2023